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I’m a twenty-something woman, cooking out of a kitchen the size of a shoebox, with an arugula-loving cat who likes to follow me around and make suggestions like “cease whatever you are doing and play with me.”  Since the end of 2008, I’ve been making longer and longer forays into veganism.  Recently, I’ve made the commitment to eat entirely vegan at home, where I prepare the vast majority of my meals.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin, where the farmers’ market keeps me in produce and the Willy Street Co-op supplies everything else I can imagine.  As often as possible, I try to cook locally and seasonally, with the caveat that some of my favorite foods–avocado, chocolate, olives–just don’t grow this far into the frozen north.  I believe strongly that there is no real right way to eat, though I think the phrase “moderation in all things” probably factors in heavily.  So I try to eat mostly healthy food, and if I also drink the occasional glass of Scotch or make the occasional bananas flambe for dinner, well.  It probably won’t kill me.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if you try a recipe, especially if you make a change that turns out spectactularly.  Cooking is, after all, a lesson in flexibility and improvisation.

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